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FoxPro Tutorial

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0

   What's New in Visual FoxPro

      Guide to Reporting Improvements

      Data and XML Feature Enhancements

      SQL Language Improvements

      Class Enhancements

      Language Enhancements

      Interactive Development Environment (IDE) Enhancements

      Enhancements to Visual FoxPro Designers

      Miscellaneous Enhancements

      Changes in Functionality for the Current Release

      Visual FoxPro New Reserved Words

      How to: Submit Feedback about Help to Microsoft

   Getting Started with Visual FoxPro

      Locating Readme Files

      Installing Visual FoxPro

         Requirements for Installing Visual FoxPro

         How to: Install Visual FoxPro

         How to: Install Additional Applications

         How to: Reinstall Visual FoxPro

         Troubleshooting Installation

      Upgrading from Earlier Versions

      How to: Convert Earlier Visual FoxPro Files

      Customizing the Visual FoxPro Environment

         Optimizing Your System

         Visual FoxPro Configuration

         Visual FoxPro Environment Settings

         Restoring the Visual FoxPro Interactive Environment

         Accessibility for People with Disabilities

   Using Visual FoxPro

      Overview of Visual FoxPro Features

         Rapid Application Creation

         Advantages of More Power

         User Interface Creation without Programming

         Application Development with Several Developers

         Interaction with Other Applications

         Client/Server Solution Development

      Developing Visual FoxPro Applications

         Application Planning

         Creating Applications

         Enhancing Applications Using SQL Pass-Through Technology

         Web Services and Components

         Optimizing Applications

         Testing and Debugging Applications

         Compiling an Application

         Configuring Help Files for Applications

         Distributing Applications

      Programming in Visual FoxPro

         Basic Programming Concepts

         Working with Programs

         Working with Procedures and Functions

         Passing Data to Parameters

         Object-Oriented Programming

         Accessing APIs

         How to: Create Quit Routines

      Development Productivity Tools

         IntelliSense Overview

         Using the Component Gallery

         Coverage Profiler Application

         How to: Customize the Toolbox

         How to: Use the Task List Manager

         How to: Create Bookmarks and Task List Shortcuts

         Customizing the Task List Manager

         Using the Object Browser

         How to: Operate the Command Window

         How to: Use the Accessibility Browser

         How to: Use the Automated Test Harness

   Samples and Walkthroughs


         Sample Class Libraries

         Server Samples

         Solution Samples

         Foundation Class Samples


         Walkthrough: Creating Applications with Visual FoxPro

         Walkthrough: Creating Reports with Visual FoxPro

         Walkthrough: Retrieving Data from Different Data Sources

         Walkthrough: Creating XML Web Services with Visual FoxPro

         Walkthrough: Creating a Visual FoxPro Application Setup Program Using InstallShield


      General Reference

         Data and Field Types

         Data Manipulation

         Building Expressions

         File Structures

         Fonts Overview

         Graphics Support in Visual FoxPro

         Keyboard Shortcuts

         MemberData Extensibility

         Naming Conventions

         Regular Expressions and Operators

         Reserved Words

         String and Value Comparison in Visual FoxPro

         System Menu Names

         Visual FoxPro and Other Programming Languages

         Visual FoxPro System Capacities

         XSource Folder

      Language Reference

         Language Categories


         Objects, Collections, and Classes






         Preprocessor Directives

         System Variables Overview

         API Library Construction

         SQL Commands and Functions

         Language Reference for OLE DB Development

         Backward-Compatible Language Elements

      User Interface Reference



         Dialog Boxes



      Error Messages

         Error Messages Listed Alphabetically

         Error Messages Listed Numerically

   Product Support

      Microsoft Visual FoxPro Technical Support

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