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Specifies if debugging information is included with compiled source code in a project.

Object.Debug[ = lExpression]

Return Value


The settings for the Debug property are:

Setting Description

True (.T.)

(Default) Debugging information is included with the compiled source code.

False (.F.)

Debugging information is not included and you cannot view a program's execution in the Trace window or use MESSAGE(1) to return the source code for a line that causes an error. Setting lExpression to false (.F.) is identical to including the NODEBUG argument in the COMPILE Command.


Applies To: Project Object (Visual FoxPro)

Source code in a project includes program and format files, source code in form, label, report, and visual class libraries, and stored procedures in databases. The Debug property corresponds to the Debuginfo check box on the Project tab of the Project Information Dialog Box dialog box.

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