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The following table describes destinations for query output.

Output option Destination


Display the results of the query in a browse window.


Save the results of the query in a temporary read-only table with a name that you specify.


Save the results of the query as a table with a name that you specify.


Display the results of the query in the main Visual FoxPro window or in the currently active output window.

In This Section

How to: Choose a Query Output Destination

Describes how to specify the destination to send query results to, such as a cursor, table, or screen.
How to: Store Query Results in a Table, Array, or Cursor

Explains how to story your query results in a table, array, or cursor.
How to: Populate Query Results in a Form Control

Describes how to use query results to populate a control on a form, such as a list box control, combo box control, or grid control.
How to: Print Query Results in a Report or Label

Explains how to send query results to an existing report or label.
How to: Display Query Results in a Window

Explains how to display query results in a window, such as the default browse window or the main Visual FoxPro window.


Browse Window

Display records in an active window.
SELECT - SQL Command

Retrieve data form one or more tables.
Query Destination Dialog Box

Make it possible for you to send the results of your query to seven different outputs. This command is available only for queries.

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