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If you find yourself repeating the same keystrokes, or if you want to automate some keystroke tasks for your users, you can record and save these keystrokes in macros by using the Macros dialog box.

To use macros, any keyboard you use must have function keys F1 to F9, and a CTRL key or an ALT key.

In This Section

How to: Clear Macro Definitions

Provides instructions on how to use the Macros dialog box to clear macro key definitions.
How to: Create, Save, and Restore Macro Sets

Describes how you can create macro sets through the Macros dialog box.
How to: Edit Macros

Explains how the Macros dialog box makes it possible to edit existing macros.
How to: Record Macros

Describes the steps to record keystroke macros in Visual FoxPro.
How to: Set a Default Macro Set

Explains how you can create and set your own default macro set in Visual FoxPro.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development