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Sets the left printer margin and affects all output directed to the printer.




Specifies the left margin in columns. The default is 0 columns; the maximum is 256.


If you use SET MARGIN to adjust the left margin, the value specified with SET MARGIN is stored to the system variable _PLOFFSET. You can also set the left margin by storing a value directly to _PLOFFSET. The value of the system variable _LMARGIN also affects the left margin setting.

The left margin setting specified in SET MARGIN does not affect reports created with the Report Designer or Label Designer and then run with a REPORT FORM or LABEL command. The Left Margin setting in the Report Page Setup dialog box in the Report Designer determines the offset from the left edge of the paper. For more information, see Report Page Setup Dialog Box and Page Layout Tab, Report Properties Dialog Box (Report Builder).

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development