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Visual FoxPro provides you with a powerful Form Designer to make form design fast and easy. You can have:

Forms and form sets are objects with their own properties, events, and methods that you can set in the Form Designer. A form set consists of one or more forms that can be manipulated as a unit. If you have four forms in your form set, for example, you can display or hide them as a unit with a single command at run time.

In This Section

How to: Create a New Form

Describes the three ways to create forms in Visual FoxPro. Additionally, it explains ways to modify a form once it has been created.
How to: Set the Data Environment

Explains how to set the data environment for a form and how to perform common tasks such as adding a table or view or setting an index using the Data Environment designer.


Form Designer

Describes the Visual FoxPro Form designer.

Related Sections

Creating Forms

Describes creating forms.
Creation of Single- and Multiple-Document Interfaces

Describes the two types of applications possible in Visual FoxPro and the types of forms that support both types of interfaces. Includes links to topics dealing with the various form types.
Manipulating Objects

Provides links on how to manipulate objects in the Form designer.
How to: Specify a Form Type

Describes how to specify the a form to one of the three form types: child form, floating form, or top-level form.

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