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Opens the Table Designer so you can create a Visual FoxPro table.

CREATE [FileName | ?]


[ FileName| ?]

Specifies the name of the table to create or opens the Create dialog box so you can browse for a location to save the table and specify the name of the table to create.


If a database is open when you create a table, the table is added automatically to the database.

When running on the Windows operating system, you cannot create a table with the name of an MS-DOS device, such as CON, NUL, PRN, and COM1. Avoid using hyphens in a table name because hyphenated table names do not appear in the Data Session window and can cause confusion with the alias pointer (->).

After opening the Table Designer, you need to define attributes for the fields in the table. After you create the table structure, you can add records to the table. For more information, see Creating Tables.

The SQL CREATETABLE command makes it possible to specify fields and their attributes programmatically. For more information, see CREATE TABLE - SQL Command.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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