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Specifies whether this report run requires multiple passes through the data scope to produce output.


Return Value

Logical data type.

The default value is False (.F.).


Applies To: ReportListener Object.

When the TwoPassProcess property is .T., a report executes as a two-pass report. The extra prepass provides the means for the Engine and ReportListener to determine the value of _PAGETOTAL for display in report expressions during the subsequent output pass.

The Visual FoxPro Report System components opt to perform a two-pass report when they find an expression using the _PAGETOTAL system value in the report, or when you explicitly set this property's value to .T.. If TwoPassProcess is .F. but the engine finds a _PAGETOTAL expression in the report, the engine sets the property value to .T. for the duration of the report.

By setting TwoPassProcess to .T. before a report run, you can force the report to perform a two-pass process, even if you have not used _PAGETOTAL in any expressions in the report. You do not need to add a hidden expression containing _PAGETOTAL to your report layout, as you did in previous versions of Visual FoxPro.

TwoPassProcess works together with the CurrentPass property to give you information about the status of a report run while it executes. The value of CurrentPass changes depending on the value of TwoPassProcess. See CurrentPass Property for more information. For additional information about how the native Report System components handle these and other reporting options at the beginning and end of a report run, see Understanding Visual FoxPro Object-Assisted Reporting.

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