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Specifies whether the XMLAdapter object declares an XMLPrefix for the object involved in parsing. Read-write at design time and run time.

XMLAdapter.DeclareXMLPrefix = lValue

Return Value


Logical data type. The following table lists values for lValue.

lValue Description

False (.F.)

(Default) An XML namespace prefix property is not declared.

True (.T.)

An XMLPrefix is declared for the object.


Applies to: XMLTable Class | XMLTable Class

If you want the XMLAdapter object to declare prefixes for objects involved in parsing, set the DeclareXMLPrefix property in addition to XMLNamespace property and XMLPrefix property. If RespectNesting is True (.T.), the following objects are involved in parsing: the XMLAdapter object, the target XMLTable object and its ancestors.

If either the XMLNamespace property or the XMLPrefix property is empty, the DeclareXMLPrefix property is ignored.

If you want to declare a namespace for all of the parsing operations, specify an XMLNamespace with an XMLPrefix in the SelectionNamespaces property.

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