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Provides the value the Report Engine passes to _REPORTOUTPUT to represent the OBJECT TYPE clause of the LABEL or REPORT FORM command.

ReportListener.OutputType [= iExpr]

Return Value

Integer data type.

Default value: -1.


Applies To: ReportListener Object.

This property is a companion property to ListenerType. It is not used by the baseclass ReportListener.

The values of the two properties do not necessarily match, although they are related. If they match, the ReportListener provides a single form of output, specified by ListenerType; the object may either replace or augment the native behavior for this ListenerType. If they do not match, the object may use OutputType to provide a second output result, while leveraging inherited behavior for the output result specified by ListenerType.

For more information and an example of usage, see ListenerType Property.

Because Visual FoxPro does not use OutputType internally and does not need to evaluate its value, there is no companion method to SupportsListenerType. However, if you want to evaluate and respond only to specified OutputType values, you can create a matching SupportsOutputType method in your derived class. For more information, see SupportsListenerType Method.

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