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If your application includes repetitive tasks that users perform frequently, you can add custom toolbars to simplify or speed up the tasks. For example, if users typically print a report by choosing a menu command, you can simplify the task by providing a toolbar with a print button.

In This Section

How to: Define a Toolbar Class

Explains how to create a custom toolbar class.
How to: Add Objects to a Custom Toolbar Class

Describes the steps involved in editing a custom toolbar class.
How to: Add Custom Toolbars to Form Sets

Provides information on how to add a custom toolbar class to your form as another form in a form set.
How to: Coordinate Toolbars and Forms Using Code

Provides information on how to programmatically add a toolbar to a form.
How to: Define Toolbar Actions

Explains how to define actions associated with the toolbar and its objects.
How to: Dock Toolbars

Describes how to dock and undock system or user-defined toolbars.
How to: Create the Coordinated Menu

Explains how to coordinate a menu with a toolbar.
How to: Add a Coordinated Toolbar and Menu to a Form Set

Explains how to add a coordinated menu and toolbar to a form.

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