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Converts character or memo fields or character expressions to another code page.

CPCONVERT(nCurrentCodePage, nNewCodePage, cExpression)



Specifies the code page that cExpression is being converted from.

Specifies the code page to which cExpression is converted.

Specifies the character expression that's converted.


Note that CPCONVERT(В ) isn't required for normal cross-platform functioning of the product. It is used strictly to access the underlying translation facilities of Visual FoxPro.

For example, if the variable gcCharExpr contains a character that looks like on the Macintosh (in code page 10000) then CPCONVERT(В ) will return a character that looks like in Microsoft Windows (code page 1252):

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CPCONVERT(10000, 1252, gcCharExpr)

For additional information on code pages and Visual FoxPro's international support, see Code Pages Supported by Visual FoxPro and Developing International Applications.

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