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Makes it possible for you to display all the variables, arrays, objects, and object members that are visible in a given program, procedure, or method.

This window is activated when you choose Locals from the Window Menu, Debugger Window.

In Visual FoxPro 9.0, the Find and Find Again menu items are available to search for items in the Name column of the Locals window.

Locals for

Indicates the procedure whose variables, arrays, and objects are displayed in the Locals window.

Displays the names of the visible locals.

Displays the current values of the visible locals.

Displays characters that represents the data types of the visible locals.

Use the shortcut menu to control the category of variable displayed.

Category Description


Variables declared with the PUBLIC keyword.


Variables declared with the LOCAL keyword.


All variables in the scope of the procedure displayed in the Locals for box.


Object variables.

To see the values of array elements or object properties, click the box to the left of the array or object name. The Locals window makes it possible for you to see properties of all objects in the container hierarchy.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development