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Searches a table for the first record with a field matching the specified expression.

LOOKUP(ReturnField, eSearchExpression, SearchedField [, cTagName])



Specifies the field whose contents LOOKUP(В ) returns when the search is successful. If the search is unsuccessful, LOOKUP(В ) returns an empty character string of the same length and data type as ReturnField.

Specifies the search expression. The search expression is usually the contents of a field in the table, or it can correspond to the index expression of the active index or compound index tag.

Specifies the field to search. If the table does not have an active index, LOOKUP(В ) performs a sequential search through the field specified with SearchedField. If an index file or index tag is open whose index key expression is the search field you specify, LOOKUP(В ) uses the index file or index tag to perform a faster search.

Specifies the name of a compound index tag for LOOKUP(В ) to use in the search. A compound index search is the fastest search LOOKUP(В ) can perform.

Return Value

Character, Numeric, Currency, Float, Integer, Double, Date, DateTime, or Logical


If the search is successful, LOOKUP(В ) moves the record pointer to the matching record and returns the contents of a specified field in the record.

If the search expression is not found, LOOKUP(В ) returns a blank character string the same length and data type as ReturnField. The record pointer is positioned at the end of the file.

If LOOKUP(В ) is used to search a parent table, record pointers in all related child tables are moved to the related records.

This function cannot be optimized with Rushmore Query Optimization.


In the following example, LOOKUP(В ) uses the index tag company to search for the first occurrence of the string "Ernst Handel." If the search is successful, LOOKUP(В ) returns the contents of the contact field and @В ...В SAY displays the return value.

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OPEN DATABASE (HOME(2) + 'data\testdata')
USE customer ORDER company  && Open Customer table
@ 2,2 SAY LOOKUP(contact, 'Ernst Handel', company, 'company')

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