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Occurs when a database closes. There are two versions of the syntax.

PROCEDURE dbc_CloseData(cDatabaseName, lAll) 
PROCEDURE dbc_CloseData
LPARAMETERS cDatabaseName, lAll



Specifies the name of the target database.

Specifies whether the ALL keyword was included in the CLOSE DATABASES command. If DBC Events is turned on, this event occurs whenever a database is closed whether or not it is closed explicitly with the CLOSE DATABASES command.


You can use the dbc_CloseData event to verify appropriate values for cDatabaseName and lAll or use those parameters in a procedure to track access to the database when the database is about to be closed

When several databases are closed at one time, the dbc_CloseData method for each database is fired in turn. Therefore, if you issue the CLOSE DATABASES ALL command, several different CloseData events occur and several different dbc_CloseData methods can be executed.

Return .F. from this procedure to prevent the database from being closed.


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PROCEDURE dbc_CloseData ;
? '     cDatabaseName = ' + TRANSFORM(cDatabaseName) + ' - ' ;
                      + TYPE('cDatabaseName')
? '     lAll          = ' + TRANSFORM(lAll)          + ' - ' ;
                      + TYPE('lAll')+' /end/ '
RETURN .F.     && This will prevent database closure.

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