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Creates a text box.



You can use a text box to edit the contents of a memory variable, array element, or field. You can view the contents of a Blob field using a text box in a Grid control; however, the data in the Blob field is read-only. In grids, Blob type fields display the string "blob" if they are empty, and the string "Blob" if they contain data. You can double-click the Blob field in the grid, and an editing window displays the data as read-only.

All standard Visual FoxPro editing features are available for text boxes except when viewing Blob field data.

If you use a text box to edit a Date or DateTime value, and you select the entire value, you can increment or decrement the value by one day by pressing the PLUS SIGN (+) or MINUS SIGN (-).

To specify how values are entered and displayed in the text box, use the InputMask and Format properties. To enable auto-completion, see the AutoComplete Property.

The following table lists text box properties that are commonly set at design time.

Property Description

Alignment Property

Specifies alignment for the contents of a text box.

ControlSource Property

Specifies the table field or variable whose value is displayed in the text box.

InputMask Property

Specifies the data entry rule that each character entered must follow.

SelectOnEntry Property

Determines whether the contents of the text box are selected automatically when the text box receives the focus.

TabStop Property

Specifies whether the user can tab to the control. If TabStop is set to False (.F.), the user can still select the text box by clicking it.

For additional information about creating text boxes, see the Form Designer topic and Using Controls.

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