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An object created for each instance of Visual FoxPro that exposes a set of Visual FoxPro properties and methods.

Application.PropertyName[ = eValue]



Specifies a property for the application object.

Specifies a value for the property.

Specifies a method to execute for the application object.


Applies To: Projects Collection (Visual FoxPro)

Visual FoxPro is an automation server, allowing other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Visual Basic to remotely start and manipulate Visual FoxPro through properties and methods. The Application object is also available from within an instance of Visual FoxPro.

The syntax used by an application to create an instance of an automation server such as Visual FoxPro is typically unique to the application. Consult the application's documentation for the proper syntax to create an instance of an automation server and then manipulate the instance through the properties and methods.

The Objects Collection can be accessed through the Application object.


You can start another instance of Visual FoxPro from within Visual FoxPro with the following command:

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oNewInstance = CREATEOBJECT('VisualFoxPro.Application')

A new instance of Visual FoxPro is not visible when it is created; the following command makes the new instance visible:

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oNewInstance.Visible = .T.

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