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The Visual FoxPro foundation classes provide rapid application development with as little coding as possible and are supplied with the Component Gallery. The classes work immediately by addressing the following needs:

In This Section

Guidelines for Using Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes

Provides an overview of the situations and solutions in which to use foundation classes.
Add a Data-Bound Calendar Sample

Demonstrates the use of a data-bound ActiveX calendar control to enhance data entry in date fields in forms.
Add Data Lookup Combo Boxes Sample

Performs a lookup of values in a field to populate a combo box.
Add Data Querying to Forms Sample

Demonstrates options that enable you to navigate within a table and locate data.
Add Data Sorting and Filtering to Forms Sample

Demonstrates the use of advanced querying options in a form as well as options for performing an ascending or descending order sort of data.
Add Encryption to Applications Sample

Demonstrates how you can add encryptions to your applications.
Add Miscellaneous Form Buttons Sample

Shows the use of command buttons in applications to perform such tasks as starting and stopping an application, displaying a form, or previewing a report.
Add Navigation to Forms Sample

Demonstrates various options for providing data navigation in forms.
Add Shortcut Menus to Objects Sample

Demonstrates the use of shortcut menus on a form, including using separators, bold text, checked commands, and cascading menus.
Add Web Hyperlinks to a Form Sample

Demonstrates adding hyperlink functionality and launching a Web browser from various controls.
Application Error Handling Sample

Demonstrates application error handling and recording details of the application state.
Create a Visual FoxPro Web Browser Sample

Demonstrates providing a Web browser control in a Visual FoxPro form to display data in HTML.
Create Record Bound Graphs Sample

Shows the use of data from fields to generate graphs on a record-by-record basis.
Create Toolbar Control Effects Sample

Demonstrates various effects you can achieve on toolbar controls when the mouse is moved over them.
Display Data Reporting Output Options Sample

Demonstrates a simple text editor and provides a variety of report output options.
Expanding the SetAll Method Sample

Uses the SetAllx Foundation Class to allow for programmatic setting of object properties based on extended criteria not available with the native SetAll(В ) method.
Generate HTML Sample

Shows how you can use HTML classes to create Web pages from your data, forms, and reports.
Handle Application Environment Tasks Sample

Demonstrates utilities for saving and restoring critical state settings and handling common application operations.
Handle Common Windowing Tasks Sample

Demonstrates arranging and cascading various forms on the desktop.
Handle Data Conflicts Sample

Demonstrates resolving data conflicts, allowing the user to update data in the form.
Pool Manager Sample

Demonstrates how to use the Pool Manager class, which manages a pool or collection of objects from a class and is useful when you need to use objects repeatedly for a short amount of time.
Retrieve Project Location and Name Sample

Demonstrates providing the user with a place to enter a file and directory location, primarily to create new projects.
Run Word, Excel, and Graph Automation Sample

Demonstrates adding automation routines to an application to create Microsoft Excel pivot tables, Microsoft Word mail merge documents, Visual FoxPro cross-tabs, and Graph charts.
Search Text Using Regular Expressions Sample

Demonstrates the use of regular expression searching in applications.
Set VFP Shell Open Commands Sample

Illustrates how to change the Shell Open settings for various file types.
Tips for the Windows 2000 Logo Program Sample

Shows several Foundation Classes that provide information that might be of use in making applications Windows 2000 Logo compliant.
Use an Enhanced Openfile Dialog Box Sample

Illustrates how to use the Common File Dialog foundation class to create the look and feel of Windows file dialog boxes.
Use Array Handling Sample

Demonstrates useful methods for expanding array-handling functionality. This sample uses ACOLSCAN(В ) to search a specific column in an array.
Use an Enhanced Openfile Dialog Box Sample

Shows use of the Common File Dialog Foundation Class.
Use Common Application Dialog Boxes Sample

Shows how you can use dialog boxes in applications for common operations such as user logons, splash screens, about boxes, and so on.
Use Edit Buttons for a Complex Form Sample

Demonstrates using buttons for editing forms involving one-to-many relationships.
Use Edit Buttons for a Simple Form Sample

Demonstrates the use of simple data edit buttons for editing simple forms with a single table.
Use Mover List Boxes for Selecting Data Sample

Demonstrates using mover list boxes to load tables and fields from a data source and to handle data sorting.
Use Progress Thermometer Sample

Demonstrates the use of a standard display to show progress in applications.
Working with Microsoft Agent Sample

Demonstrates adding animated characters to applications using Microsoft Agent technologyy.

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Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes A-Z

Lists the foundation classes in alphabetical order. Many of these foundation classes are used in the Solutions sample located in the ...\Samples\Solution folder.

Provides class library, server, solutions, and foundation class code samples that you can use for experimenting and getting to know particular features in Visual FoxPro.

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