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After creating a view and selecting the tables or views you want to use, you can build the view by selecting the fields from the tables or views.

To select fields for a view

  1. Open the view in the View Designer.

  2. In the View Designer, click the Fields tab.

  3. In the Available fields list, click each field you want, and then Add.

    To select multiple fields, press and hold the SHIFT key while selecting fields. After you select all the fields you want, click Add.

    Each field you select appears in the Selected fields list.

    To change the order in which fields appear in output, in the Selected fields list, drag the double arrow button appearing to the left of the field you want to move to the position you want.

  4. When you are finished, you can perform other tasks to customize the view.

You can customize your view in the View Designer by performing the following tasks:

  • Change the join condition of the selected tables in the Join tab.

  • Filter results by field in the Filter tab.

  • Organize results by field in the Order By tab.

  • Group results by field in the Group By tab.

  • Specify update criteria in the Update Criteria tab to control how to perform updates to source tables.

  • Select a different type of output in the Miscellaneous tab.

For more information, see Query and View Designers.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development