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Returns information in an array about the dock state of a form.

To use GetDockState, the form's Dockable property must be set to 1.




Returns a single row, six-column array containing dock information for a form.
You must first create the array before passing an array name.

The following table describes the array returned by GetDockState.

Column Description


Name of the docking form.


Dock state:

1 - Docked

2 - Not docked


Dock position.

For values, see DockPosition Property.


Target form, or caption of the form to which the specified form is docked.


Object reference for the docking form.


Object reference for the target window or form.

Return Value

Applies To: Form Object

Logical data type. GetDockState returns True (.T.) if the array is successfully updated with the dock state. Otherwise, GetDockState returns False. (.F.).


If a form is docked to an IDE window, the value of column 6 will be an empty string. If a form is docked to the Visual FoxPro desktop, then column 6 will contain an object reference to _SCREEN.

GetDockState is a limited variation of the ADOCKSTATE(В ) function in that it limits its details to the current form. Since GetDockState is a limited subset of the ADOCKSTATE(В ) function, it may not provide all the necessary information about the current docking state of the form. You may need to call ADOCKSTATE(В ) as well to obtain more complete picture. For more information, see ADOCKSTATE(В ) Function.

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