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Evaluates a character expression and returns the result.




Specifies the expression to evaluate. cExpression can be a literal character string, or a valid Visual FoxPro expression, variable, array element, or field of any data type, enclosed in quotation marks. cExpression cannot exceed 255 characters. Whenever possible, use EVALUATE(В ) or a name expression to replace macro substitution using the & Command. EVALUATE and name expressions execute faster than macro substitution.

Return Value

Character, Numeric, Currency, Date, DateTime, Logical, or Memo


EVALUATE(В ) is similar to TYPE(В ) but returns the result of an expression instead of the expression type. An expression containing EVALUATE(В ) cannot be optimized by Rushmore Query Optimization.

Including the EVALUATE(В ) function in the WHERE clause of a SQL query can return incorrect data.


The following example uses the EVALUATE() function to evaluate a math expression stored in a character variable.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development