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You can create your own form class to use a template for all your new forms, or you can use one of the sample classes that ship with Visual FoxPro. For more information, see Using Form Templates.

When you create a new form, it is based on the template form that is set in the Options dialog box. If no template is specified, the new form is based on the Visual FoxPro Form base class. For more information about Visual FoxPro classes, see Object-Oriented Programming.

You can specify a form class from a registered class library for your form template.

To specify a default form template

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. In the Options dialog box, choose the Forms tab.

  3. In the Template classes area, select the Form check box.

    If no form template has been selected, the Open dialog box opens so that you can choose a form class. If a form template has been selected, you can change it by choosing the dialog button and selecting another class.

  4. Choose Set as Default if you want the template to be used in subsequent sessions of Visual FoxPro.

  5. Choose OK.

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