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Contains sound, programming, data entry, and other options in Visual FoxPro.

When you choose Set As Default — which appears on every tab in the dialog box — Visual FoxPro saves all the options on all tabs.

Warning Sound


Turns the error sound off. Corresponds to the SET BELL Command.

Sets the error sound to your system default. Corresponds to the SET BELL Command.

Sets the error sound to a .wav file. Type the name of the file in the box, or click the dialog button to select an existing .wav file. Corresponds to the SET BELL Command.


Cancel programs on Escape

Specifies that you can cancel a running program by pressing the ESC key. Corresponds to the SET ESCAPE Command.
Log compilation errors

Specifies that Visual FoxPro logs compilation errors in a file with the same name as the project file, but with an .err extension. Corresponds to the SET LOGERRORS Command.

Specifies that Visual FoxPro recompiles a program before running it if the object code is older than the source code. Corresponds to the SET DEVELOPMENT Command.
dBASE compatibility

Specifies compatibility with FoxBASE+ and dBASE languages. Corresponds to the SET COMPATIBLE Command.
Use Visual FoxPro color palette

Specifies that Visual FoxPro applies the default color palette to all bitmaps and OLE objects, which prevents palette shift when several pictures are displayed at once. Corresponds to the SET PALETTE Command.
Confirm file replacement

Specifies that Visual FoxPro prompts you for verification when you are about to overwrite existing files with new ones. Corresponds to the SET SAFETY Command.
Browse IME control

Specifies that Visual FoxPro displays an Input Method Editor when you navigate to a text box in the Browse window. This setting has no effect if you are not working in a double-byte character sets (DBCS) environment. Corresponds to the SET BROWSEIME Command.

Data Entry

Navigation keys

Specifies whether to use Windows- or MS-DOS–compatible navigation keys for tasks such as moving between controls in forms. Corresponds to the SET KEYCOMP Command.
Fill new records with current values

Specifies that Visual FoxPro automatically copies values from the current record to a new record that you are inserting or appending. Corresponds to the SET CARRY Command.
Enter or tab to exit fields

Specifies that you want to exit text boxes only by pressing ENTER or TAB. Otherwise, you can exit text boxes by typing past the last character in the text box. Corresponds to the SET CONFIRM Command.

Year 2000 Compliance

Strict Date Level

Specifies if ambiguous date and DateTime constants generate errors. Corresponds to the SET STRICTDATE Command.

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