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Opens the Help window.

HELP   [Topic | ID nContextID] [IN [WINDOW] WindowName | IN [WINDOW]



Specifies the Help topic to display. If you include just a partial spelling of a topic title, Visual FoxPro opens the Help window and displays the topic with the closest matching title.
ID nContextID

Specifies the Help topic to display, based on the topic's context ID. When you are using graphical style Help, nContextID is a context number in the MAP section of the help project file.
IN [WINDOW] WindowName

Opens the Help window within a parent window. The Help window doesn't assume the characteristics of the parent window it is placed in. If the Help window is activated inside a parent window, it cannot be moved outside the parent window. If the parent window is moved, the Help window moves with it. Before you can open the Help window from within a parent window, the parent window must first be defined with DEFINE WINDOW.

Explicitly places the Help window on the main Visual FoxPro window.

In graphical style Help, the NOWAIT argument has no effect, and program execution always continues after the HELP command has been issued.


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