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The gpObject class is the abstract base class for all GDI+ objects. It provides management of GDI+ handles and the outcome of GDI+ operations.

Category Reporting

Default Catalog

VisualВ FoxProВ Catalog\FoundationВ Classes\Output\GDIplus



Base Class


Class Library


Parent Class

gpBase (GDI Plus Base Foundation Class)


The following table lists public properties and methods added by this class to its parent class, gpBase.

Properties and methods Description

GetHandle Method

Returns the underlying GDI+ handle for this object.

Syntax: ? THIS.GetHandle()

Return Values: Integer value representing handle. Returns null (.NULL.) if an error occurs.

Parameters:В  None.

GetStatus Method

Returns the status code from the last GDI+ function called on this object. See the GP_STATUS_* defined constants.

Syntax: ? THIS.GetStatus()

Return Values: Integer value representing status code.

Parameters:В  None.

SetHandle Method

Sets the native GDI+ handle if this has been obtained from an outside source.

Syntax: ? THIS.SetHandle(tvNewHandle,tlOwnsHandle)

Return Values: : Logical, representing success or failure.


tvHandle, required, the handle to assign.

tlOwnsHandle, optional, defaults to false (.F.). Indicates whether this object owns the handle and can delete it when this object performs other cleanup.

Win32LastError Property

Returns the last Windows error code if GetStatus returns GP_STATUS_Win32Error.

Default: 0.

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