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Sends output directly to the printer.

??? cExpression



Specifies the characters that are sent to the printer.


A group of three question marks bypasses the printer driver and sends the contents of cExpression directly to the printer. cExpression must contain valid printer codes.

Printer control codes make it possible for you to reset the printer, change type styles and sizes, and enable or disable boldface printing. These codes can consist of any combination of printable or nonprintable characters that are specific to the printer you are using. You can direct control codes to the printer in several different ways:

  • Use combinations of CHR(В ) and quoted strings concatenated with + to send ASCII characters directly to the printer.

  • Use quotation marks to send a string containing printer codes or ASCII characters.

  • Codes can be sent to the printer before printing begins and after printing ends with the _PSCODE and _PECODE system variables. For more information, see _PSCODE System Variable and _PECODE System Variable.

Printer control codes vary from printer to printer. The best source for information about printer control codes is the manual that came with your printer.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development