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Occurs when a container object, such as a form, is no longer active because none of its contained objects has the focus.

PROCEDURE Object.Deactivate


Applies To: Form | FormSet | Page | ProjectHook Object | ToolBar

The Activate and Deactivate events occur only when you are moving the focus within an application. Moving focus to or from a form in another application does not trigger either event. The Deactivate event does not occur when unloading a form.

When a new object is activated, programmatically or interactively, the Deactivate event for the previously active object occurs, and the Activate event for the new object occurs.

For Form objects, clicking the Visual FoxPro desktop causes a form's Deactivate event to occur and deactivates an active user form. This improvement provides better integration with the BINDEVENT( ) function for activating and deactivating forms.

For ToolBar objects, Deactivate occurs when the toolbar is hidden using the Hide method.

For ProjectHook objects, Deactivate occurs when you click away from the Project window or call the ACTIVATE WINDOW command for a different window.

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