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Draws a rectangle on a Form object. There are two versions of the syntax.

Object.Box(nXCoord1, nYCoord1, nXCoord2, nYCoord2)
Object.Box(nXCoord2, nYCoord2)


nXCoord1, nYCoord1

Specifies the coordinates of the starting point for the rectangle. The ScaleMode method of the form determines the unit of measurement used. If you omit these arguments, the value of CurrentX and CurrentY are used.
nXCoord2, nYCoord2

Specifies the endpoint of the rectangle.


Applies To: Form Object | _SCREEN System Variable

The width of the lines drawn depends on the DrawWidth property setting. How a rectangle is drawn on the background depends on the settings of the DrawMode and DrawStyle properties. When the Box method is called, the CurrentX and CurrentY properties are set to the endpoint specified by the last two arguments.

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