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Occurs when a form or toolbar is repainted.

PROCEDURE Object.Paint


Applies To: Form | ToolBar

A form or toolbar is repainted when part or all of the form or toolbar is exposed after it has been moved or sized, or after a window that was covering the form or toolbar has been moved.

Using a Refresh method in a Resize event forces repainting of the entire object every time a user resizes the form or toolbar.

The Paint event can be called frequently; therefore avoid performing data manipulation or calling commands or functions that set up a modal state.

Using a Paint event for certain tasks can cause a cascading event. In general, avoid using a Paint event for the following:

  • Moving or sizing a form or control.

  • Changing any variables that affect size or appearance, such as setting an object's BackColor property.

  • Calling the Refresh method.

    A Resize event may be more appropriate for some of these tasks.

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