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Makes it possible for you to set parameter values or specify a control and its property as a parameter source for a selected XML Web service operation.

You can specify only simple data types in this dialog box. You can set complex data types, such as arrays or ADO.NET DataSets, programmatically using the operation's parameter collection.

This dialog box appears when you select Input values now in the Set parameter(s) box of the XML Web Service - Operation Detail Dialog Box.

Select parameter

Specifies the parameter you want to set.
Parameter type

Displays the data type for the parameter.
Specify parameter source

Specifies the source that supplies the value for the selected parameter.
  • ValueВ В В Specifies a particular value for the parameter. The value provided is automatically converted to the correct data type required by the parameter.

    You can also include an expression, which is evaluated at run time, by prefacing it with an equal sign (=). For example, you can set the current date as follows:

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  • Control/PropertyВ В В Displays available controls on the form and specifies that the property of the selected control or object supply the value for the parameter.

    When selecting a control, a list of properties available for that control appears so that you can select one to supply the value. If you want to have the user supply the value for the parameter, you might want to select the Value property.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development