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Displays the text value of the selected property. This dialog box appears when choosing Zoom on the Properties window shortcut menu or the Zoom button.

The Zoom dialog box makes it possible for you to edit values of read/write properties except properties such as Visible or ColorSource. You cannot edit the value for a read-only property in the Zoom dialog box; however, you can select and copy the value.

In Visual FoxPro 9.0, you can enter more than 255 characters (limited to 8k) as well as extended characters, such as CHR(13) (carriage return) and CHR(10) (linefeed), in the Zoom dialog box for custom user-defined properties and certain native ones. For more information on extended property values, see Properties Window (Visual FoxPro).

Property values that exceed 255 characters or include extended characters such as CHR(13) (carriage return) or CHR(10) linefeed are stored in a special format inside the class library (.vcx) or form (.scx) file. The property value will contain special padding with CHR(1) characters. Be aware that classes in visual class libraries (.vcx) or forms (.scx) that contain properties with such values cannot be used in versions prior to Visual FoxPro 9.0. If you attempt to modify these in a prior version, an error occurs. You can still use other classes in the same visual class library (.vcx) files with previous versions of Visual FoxPro as long as they do not contain property values exceeding 255 characters or include carriage return or linefeed characters.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development