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Visual FoxPro provides a very powerful tool — the grid object — for displaying and manipulating multiple rows of data.

In This Section

How to: Use Grid Objects

Describes how to create a Grid control.
How to: Manually Adjust Grid Display at Design Time

Describes how to manually adjust the width and height of rows in a grid.
How to: Set the Source of the Data Displayed in the Grid

Explains how to specify the data source for a Grid control.
How to: Set Up a One-to-Many Form Using the Grid Control

Describes how to display a one-to-many relationship between two tables on a form using Grid controls.
How to: Display Controls in Grid Columns

Describes how to display Visual FoxPro controls, such as text boxes, check boxes, drop-down list boxes, and spinners, in grid columns.
Formatting Grids

Discusses various ways to customize the format for Grid controls.

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Using Controls

Describes how controls manage the interactions between users and your application. Visual FoxPro offers a variety of controls to enhance your application interface.
Controls and Data Concepts

Explains the difference between the two kinds of controls you can have on your forms and lists the effects of a ControlSource property setting on different controls.

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