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Lets you modify the structure of a table, select index files and fields, and define data filters. This dialog box appears when you choose Properties from the Table Menu.


Displays the title of the currently opened table.
Enable data buffering

Sets buffering on.

Lock Records

When edited

Prevents access by other users while you edit records. This is also known as pessimistic buffering.
When written

Permits access by other users until the record is updated. This is also known as optimistic buffering.


Current record

Enables buffering of the current record only. This is also known as record buffering.
All edited records

Enables buffering of all edited records. This is also known as table buffering.
When you select Buffer Current Record, SET MULTILOCKS Command are automatically set to ON (if they are currently off), but are not set to OFF if you clear Buffer Current Record or select Buffer All Edited Records. Set the defaults for new tables in the Data Tab, Options Dialog Box.

Data filter

Provides a text box for typing a data filter expression. Alternatively, the dialog button displays the Expression Builder Dialog Box, in which you can specify which records in the active table will be available for processing. Corresponds to the SET FILTER command.
Index order

Specifies the index order of the table. In the Database Designer, the table's primary index appears with a key symbol next to it in the list of indexes. Corresponds to the SET ORDER command.

Allow Access To

All fields in the work area

Specifies that the user have access to all fields in the work area. Corresponds to the SET FIELDS command.
Only fields specified by field filter

Specifies that only records which match the selections in the Field Picker Dialog Box be displayed or available for editing.
Field Filter

Displays the Field Picker dialog box, in which you control the number of active fields.

Displays the Table Designer, in which you can modify database and free tables, fields, and indexes.

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