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Returns the current setting of the bitmap in the current configuration file and turns off-screen bitmaps off or on at run time.

SYS(602 [, 0 | 1 ])



Turns off off-screen bitmaps at run time.

Turns on off-screen bitmaps at run time.

Return Value

Character data type. The following table lists the possible settings that SYS(602) can return.

Return value Setting


Off-screen bitmaps are turned off.


Off-screen bitmaps are turned on. (Default)


You can use off-screen bitmaps to store an image of the current desktop and forms so that you can render them if another element, such as a window, is drawn over them. However, off-screen bitmaps use a lot of memory, so you can improve performance on Terminal Server applications by turning these bitmaps off using SYS(602).

However, be aware that toggling off-screen bitmaps can affect your application. For example, form controls can appear normal, however, writing directly to a form using a method such as Line requires off-screen bitmaps to be turned on.

If you want to determine whether an application is running on a Terminal Server, use OS(10).

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