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If you no longer want to control the files in a project, you can detach the project from source control. When you do so, files remain in the source control project so that other developers can continue to use them and so you can examine their history or use them with other projects.

If you have project files on your computer that are tagged as read-only — that is, you have copies of files, but they're not checked out — you can remove their read-only attribute when the project is detached from source control.

When you detach a project from source control, you break the link between your local project files and the source-controlled project, and your local files become read/write. Be sure to institute manual version control procedures after detaching the project, or you run the risks inherent in working with files that are not under source control.

To detach a project from source control

  1. Check in all the files under source control.

  2. From the Project menu, choose Detach Project from Source Control.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development