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After identifying problems in the testing process, you can use the Visual FoxPro debugging environment to isolate those problems by:

In This Section

How to: Use the Debugger

Describes how to use the debugger to trace through code during execution.
How to: Suspend Program Execution

Explains how to use breakpoints to suspend program execution. Breakpoints can be used to suspend an application so that you can check the values of variables and properties, see environtment settings, and examine code sections.
How to: See Stored Values

Describes how to see values stored in run-time variables, array elements, properties, and expressions using the Locals, Watch, or Trace windows.
Output Display

Discusses how to display or save debug information.


Trace Window

Describes the Trace windows and how it enables you to see lines of code as they are being executed.
Debugger Window

Describes the Debugger window and provides links to topics describing the various features.
DEBUG Command

Provides information on how to use the DEBUG command to open the Debugger window.

Related Sections

Testing and Debugging Applications

Provides links to topics that explain methods to debug an applications.
How to: Use the Automated Test Harness

Describes how to use the Automated Test Harness to automate the testing of an application by creating and running scripts. The Automated Test Harness records and plays mouse and keyboard events using Microsoft Active Accessiblity technology.

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