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Determines whether a menu item on a user-defined or Microsoft Visual FoxPro system menu is marked.

MRKBAR(cMenuName, nMenuItemNumber | cSystemMenuItemName)



Specifies the name of the menu containing the menu item. The menu can be a Visual FoxPro system menu (such as _MFILE, MEDIT, or _MDATA).

Specifies the number of a menu item in a user-defined menu. A menu item's number is specified when the menu item is created with DEFINE BAR.

Specifies the name of a Visual FoxPro system menu item. For example, the following command displays a logical value specifying if the New menu item on the File menu is marked.
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Return Value



Use SET MARK OF to mark or unmark a menu item.

If the specified menu item is marked, MRKBAR(В ) returns true (.T.); otherwise, MRKBAR(В ) returns false (.F.).

For an example of using MRKBAR(В ), see CNTBAR(В ).

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