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Occurs immediately after all intermediate AfterUpdate, AfterDelete, or AfterInsert events have occurred and before the TABLEUPDATE(В ) function returns.

PROCEDURE Object.AfterCursorUpdate
LPARAMETERS nRows, lTableUpdateResult, cErrorArray



Specifies the setting from the nRows parameter from a TABLEUPDATE( ) function operation.

Specifies the value returned by a TABLEUPDATE( ) operation.

Contains the contents of the cErrorArray parameter from a TABLEUPDATE( ) operation. Visual FoxPro populates this array from TABLEUPDATE( ) only under the circumstances described by the cErrorArray description in the TABLEUPDATE( ) function.


Applies To: CursorAdapter Class

AfterCursorUpdate occurs once upon the completion of the update process. If multiple rows are being updated, the AfterUpdate, AfterInsert, and AfterDelete events occur for each updated row as appropriate.

You can call the AERROR(В ) function to retrieve errors from upstream data sources.

In Visual FoxPro 9.0, the target record is kept current in an ADODB.Recordset during the AfterCursorUpdate event.

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