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These commands and functions make it possible for you to work with arrays of variables.

To Use

ACOPY( ) Function

Copies elements from one array to another array.

ADEL( ) Function

Deletes an element from a one-dimensional array, or a row or column from a two-dimensional array.

ADIR( ) Function

Places information about files into an array and then returns the number of files.

AELEMENT( ) Function

Returns the number of an array element from the element's subscripts.

AFIELDS( ) Function

Retrieves and stores information about the structure of the table in a specified work area, specified by a table alias, or in the currently selected work area in an array and returns the number of fields in the table.В 

AFONT( ) Function

Places information about available fonts, such as their names, into an array.В 

AINS( ) Function

Inserts an element into a one-dimensional array, or a row or column into a two-dimensional array.В 

ALEN( ) Function

Returns the number of elements, rows, or columns in an array.В 


Adds one record to the currently selected table for each row in an array and fills each record with data from the corresponding array row.В 

ASESSIONS( ) Function

Creates an array of existing data session IDs.В 

ASCAN( ) Function

Searches an array for an element containing the same data and data type as an expression.В 

ASORT( ) Function

Sorts elements in an array in ascending or descending order.В 

ASUBSCRIPT( ) Function

Returns the row or column subscript of an element from the element's number.В 


Copies data from the currently selected table to an array.


Creates a one- or two-dimensional array.В 


Creates a one-dimensional or two-dimensional array of variables.В 

GATHER Command

Replaces the data in the current record of the currently selected table with data from an array, a set of variables, or an object.В 


Copies data from the current record to a set of variables or to an array. В 

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