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Returns the beginning numeric position of the first occurrence of a character expression or memo field within another character expression or memo field, without regard for the case of these two expressions.

ATCC(cSearchExpression, cExpressionSearched [, nOccurrence])



Specifies the character expression that ATCC(В ) searches for in cExpressionSearched.

Specifies the character expression cSearchExpression searches for. Both cSearchExpression and cExpressionSearched can be memo fields of any size.

Specifies which occurrence (first, second, third, and so on) of cSearchExpression is searched for in cExpressionSearched. By default, ATCC(В ) searches for the first occurrence of cSearchExpression (nOccurrence = 1). Including nOccurrence lets you search for additional occurrences of cSearchExpression in cExpressionSearched.

Return Value



ATCC(В ) is designed for expressions containing double-byte characters. If the expression contains only single-byte characters, ATCC(В ) is equivalent to ATC(В ).

ATCC(В ) searches the second character expression for the occurrence of the first character expression, without concern for the case (upper or lower) of the characters in either expression. Use AT_C(В ) to perform a case-sensitive search.

ATCC(В ) returns an integer corresponding to the position where the first character of the character expression is found. If the character expression isn't found, ATCC(В ) returns 0.

This function is useful for manipulating double-byte character sets for languages such as Hiragana and Katakana.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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