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There are many critical issues to consider in server design. Certain behaviors, processes, and limitations can determine the effectiveness of your server application.

In This Section

Selecting Process Types

Discusses the different services provided by in-process and out-of-process servers, and what effect they have on the user interface of your application.
Controlling Call Blocking

Describes how SingleUse Objects and Apartment-model threading can be used to control issues of call blocking and enhance the scalability of your applications.
Selecting a Run-time Library

Provides information on using Visual FoxPro API calls, scalability issues, reentrancy, and resource contention.
Language Supported in Run-Time Libraries

Discusses Visual FoxPro commands, functions, and system variables that are not supported in the multithreaded Visual FoxPro run-time library.

Related Sections

VFP9T.DLL Run-Time Library

Discusses this multithreaded run time that helps eliminate the blocking issues associated with the main Visual FoxPro run-time library.
Automation and COM Servers

Describes how to you can extend the functionality of your Visual FoxPro applications without a lot of extra coding time by using Automation and COM Servers.
Automation Server Programming Notes

Describes where you can find additional information on writing automation servers.
Interoperability and the Internet

Provides links to information on how you can move data between Visual FoxPro and other applications as well as within Visual FoxPro applications.

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