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After planning your menu system, you can create it with the Menu Designer. You can create menus, shortcut menus, menu items, submenus of menu items, lines that separate groups of related menu items, and so on. The following sections provide the details.

In This Section

How to: Create Menus and Submenus

Describes how to create menus and submenus to navigate your application.
How to: Create Menu Items

Describes how to create menus you can place menu items on the menus. Menu items can represent Visual FoxPro commands or procedures or submenus that offer additional options.
How to: Create Shortcut Menus

Describes how to create shortcut menus that appear when you click the right mouse button on a control or object.

Related Sections

Designing Menus and Toolbars

Provides links to topics that explain how to design custom menus and toolbars for your Visual FoxPro application.
Menu System Design Guidelines

Discusses how the usefulness of your application can depend on the quality of its menu systems. Investing time in your menus will create a user interface that is easily accepted and quickly learned.

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