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Specifies whether a form's KeyPress event intercepts the KeyPress events of a control. Available at design time and run time.

Object.KeyPreview[ = lExpr]

Return Value


The settings for the KeyPreview property are:

Setting Description

True (.T.)

The form receives KeyPress events first and then the active control receives KeyPress events.

False (.F.)

(Default) The active control receives Keypress events; the form doesn't.


Applies To: Form Object | Page Object | _SCREEN System Variable | ToolBar Object

The KeyPreview property is used to allow the form to handle KeyPress events before the active control processes them.

You can use this property to create a keyboard-handling procedure for a form. For example, when an application uses function keys, you can process the keystrokes at the form level rather than writing code for each control that can receive keystroke events.

If a form has no visible and enabled controls, it automatically receives all keyboard events.

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