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You can customize IntelliSense functionality for Visual FoxPro and user-defined language elements by modifying or adding records in the IntelliSense table. For example, you can add or modify syntax completion items or create scripts that run when you use IntelliSense functionality.

Changes in the IntelliSense table do not affect IntelliSense functionality for object properties, methods, and events.

In This Section

IntelliSense Table Structure

Describes the structure of the IntelliSense table.
How to: Edit IntelliSense Records

Describes how to open the IntelliSense table and edit its records.
How to: Create IntelliSense Scripts

Describes how to create and use scripts that run when using IntelliSense functionality.
How to: Restore the Default IntelliSense Table

Describes how to restore the IntelliSense table to its original configuration for native Visual FoxPro language elements and how to delete user-defined items.

Related Sections

IntelliSense Overview

Describes how IntelliSense in Visual FoxPro helps you complete programming syntax and displays lists of available files, tables, fields, and variables when you type code.
IntelliSense Support in Visual FoxPro

Describes the level and scope of IntelliSense support in Visual FoxPro.

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