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Makes it possible for you to view and navigate to any procedure, function, or #DEFINE definition, class or preprocessor directive in your program.

You can activate this window from the Tools menu or when you choose Document View from the shortcut menu of a program in an editing window.

When the Document View window is open for a .prg file, you can use Ctrl-PgUp and Cltr-PgDn to navigate to the prior/next procedure.

Right-click in this window to access the following options.

Sort by Name

Specifies that list items are sorted by name.
Sort by Location

Specifies that list items are sorted by location in the program. When you select this option, you can use Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDown to navigate through the listed items. Also, the Document View Window will automatically select the procedure that currently contains the insertion carat in the editor.
Sort by Type

Specifies that list items are sorted alphabetically by item type.
Display #define definitions

Toggles display of #DEFINE definitions in the list.
Display preprocessor directives

Toggles display of preprocessor directives. The display reports the following items: #INCLUDE #IF...#ELIF...#ELSE...#ENDIF #IFDEF...#ELSE...#ENDIF #IFNDEF...#ELSE...#ENDIF

Opens the Font Dialog Box so you can change the font used in the Document View window

The Document View Window visually indicates each procedure or function, preprocessor definition, class, and preprocessor directive with the following symbols:

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