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Specifies whether to allow default output to appear on a form. Read/write at design time and run time.

Form.AllowOutput = lExpr



Logical data type. The following table lists the settings for lExpr.

lExpr Description

True (.T.)

(Default) Sends user output to the form if it is active.

False (.F.)

Redirects user output to the desktop if the form is active.


Applies To: Form Object

If the AllowOutput property is programmatically changed from True (.T.) to False (.F.), at run time, Visual FoxPro automatically redirects output to the desktop.

Using the AllowOutput property can affect code that relies on the position and size of a window. This includes the use of WOUTPUT(В ) or other commands, such as DEFINE POPUP...FROM, that implicitly base their coordinates on the output window.

Setting the AllowOutput property to False (.F.) on a form, changes the following Visual FoxPro behavior.

  • Painting of the form is redirected to the next output window or desktop. This affects commands, such as ?, ??, DIR, LIST, DISPLAY, CLEAR, and other commands that display output on a form.

  • The WOUTPUT(В ) function does not return the name of the active form. It returns the name of the current output form or desktop.

  • The BROWSE command does not inherit the window size and window settings of the form.

  • The MCOL(В ) and MROW(В ) functions, without the use of their optional parameter, may not be relative to the form they are called on.

When a form closes with the AllowOutput property set to False (.F.), Visual FoxPro defaults to the next output form or desktop.

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