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You can set the Visual FoxPro configuration by making changes directly in the Windows registry. To change the Windows registry, use the Registry Editor, a utility provided with Windows.

Use caution when changing the Windows registry. Changing the wrong registry entry or making an incorrect entry for a setting can introduce an error that prevents Visual FoxPro, or even Windows itself, from starting or working properly.

To change configuration settings in the registry

  1. In Windows, start the Registry Editor.

  2. In HKEY_CURRENT_USER node, browse to the Software\Microsoft\Visual FoxPro directory and open the folder for the current version of Visual FoxPro.

  3. In the Options folder, double-click the name of the setting to change, and then enter a new value.

  4. Close the Registry Editor.

    Your change will take effect the next time you start Visual FoxPro.

You can also make changes to the registry by calling Windows APIs from a Visual FoxPro program.

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