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In some cases you don't want automatic code page translation. For instance, if a character field contains an encrypted password, you don't want Visual FoxPro to automatically translate the password because doing so would alter it.

To prevent translation of data in a character or memo field

  1. Open the project containing the table.

  2. Select the table.

  3. Choose the Modify button.

    The Table Designer (Visual FoxPro) appears.

  4. Select the field whose data you want to protect.

  5. From the Type list select Character (Binary) for a Character field, or Memo (Binary) for a memo field.

  6. Choose OK, and then choose Yes to make the changes permanent.

  7. Verify the changes by displaying the structure of the table with the DISPLAY STRUCTURE Command.

    Alternatively, use the MODIFY STRUCTURE Command to protect the appropriate fields.

You can also prevent translation of selected characters in text files by using the CHR( ) Function.

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