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Opens the Menu designer so you can modify or create a menu system.

MODIFY MENU [FileName | ?] [[WINDOW WindowName1]
   [IN [WINDOW] WindowName2 | IN SCREEN]] [NOWAIT] [SAVE]



Specifies the file name for the menu. If you don't specify an extension for the file name, Visual FoxPro automatically assigns an .mnx extension.

Displays the Open dialog box, from which you can choose an existing menu file or enter the name of a new menu to create.
WINDOW WindowName1

Specifies a window whose characteristics the Menu Designer takes on. For example, if the window is created with the FLOAT option of DEFINE WINDOW, the Menu Designer can be moved. The window need not be active or visible, but it must be defined.
IN [WINDOW] WindowName2

Specifies a parent window in which the Menu Designer is opened. The Menu Designer doesn't assume the characteristics of the parent window and cannot be moved outside the parent window. If the parent window is moved, the Menu Designer moves with it. The parent window must first be defined with DEFINE WINDOW, and must be visible, to access the Menu Designer.

Explicitly opens the Menu Designer in the main Microsoft Visual FoxPro window, after it has been placed in a parent window. The Menu Designer is placed in a parent window by including the IN WINDOW clause.

Continues program execution after the Menu Designer is opened. The program doesn't wait for the Menu Designer to be closed, but continues execution on the program line immediately following the line that contains MODIFY MENU NOWAIT. If you omit NOWAIT when MODIFY MENU is issued in a program, the Menu Designer is opened and program execution pauses until the Menu Designer is closed. NOWAIT is effective only from within a program. It has no effect on MODIFY MENU when issued from the Command window. If you issue MODIFY MENU from the Command window without a menu name and include NOWAIT, the Open dialog is not displayed. The New Menu dialog makes it possible for you to specify the type of menu (standard or shortcut) created.

Leaves the Menu Designer open after another window is activated. If you omit SAVE, the Menu Designer is closed when another window is activated. Including SAVE has no effect when issued from the Command window.


For more information on creating menus, see Menu System Creation.

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