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Type libraries are COM Component definition files that include information about types and objects exposed by an OLE application. A type library can be a standalone binary (.tlb) file, compiled in an application (.exe) file, embedded in an ActiveX control (.ocx), or included in a dynamic-link library (.dll or DLL) file. DLL files with one or more type libraries are often compiled as object (.olb) libraries.

To view type library information

  1. In the Object Browser Window, choose OpenВ Type Library.

  2. In the Open dialog box select the tab that will give you access to the library you want.

    Recent History tab lists the most recently opened libraries.

    COM libraries tab lists the available libraries and provide a Browse button so you can find the library you want.

    Current Selection lists any open libraries.

    In the Files of type drop-down list in the Open dialog box, choose Application, *.dll, *.ocx, *.olb, or *.tlb.

  3. Select a library and click OK.

The type library information for the selected file is displayed in the Classes & Members list.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development